Audience-Centric Designs
I bring a unique skillset to the table to create visual communications that will speak to your audience.
Extensive Marketing Experience
Over 15 years of marketing experience across a variety of industries.  The quality that will stand out the most when we partner is my ability to deliver across the spectrum of strategic and tactical needs.  I have had my hands on "all things marketing" and often say that I have inadvertently become a “one-stop-marketing shop."  The broader knowledge base and experience that I work from will be noticeable in what we create together.
Self taught designer and proud of it!  
6+ years of real-world experience
Online training, trial and error, books galore... oh my!  We all know that formal education has it's place; however, nothing compares to learning coupled with direct application.  The learning is in the doing.  This approach has provided me loads of immediate feedback developing an intangible "knack" to create out-of-the-box ideas that really work.  
Passionate about life.  Passionate about design.
When I'm not creating eye-popping designs, I am helping others achieve their dreams.  I am a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and own a contemplative NLP Coaching company called In-Joy Living.  
How does personal development and marketing fit together? (you might ask…)
Marketing and personal development have been two major passions that have shaped my professional career.  Many moons ago, I decided to "cut my teeth" in the world of advertising sales.  I met business owner, after business owner, entrenched in misery and without hope of ever living their dream.  As an eager sales-exec, I quickly learned that this misery and emotional pain was a major barrier to effective decision making, not to mention...I needed to sell some ads!  By helping my clients navigate their personal barriers first, I was able to create opportunities to build thriving campaigns to support their business.  The success and excitement of the blending of these two related, yet unrelated fields has propelled me to where I'm at today.  This blend has served me well providing me a results-driven approach.  
I'm currently taking on freelance marketing/graphic design opportunities as I continue to build my NLP Coaching practice.  Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to find out more about how you can create what you would like.
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